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Aiport.... from melbourne. arrived in sydney! =]

Its gorgeous! So lovelyyy!! We went straight to the Sydney YHA which is 5star! The hostel is amasingg! =] we had a little bit of time to get ready then we all headed down to the revolving resturant.... i wasnt expecting alot because internet reviews wernt great but....

it wass amasing!!!!!!!!!!! we got a window seat and could see out all across sydney! we had a "friendly" waiter ;P and the food was gorgeous. i started with seafood, oysters, calamari, battered white fish, prawns etc etc, and then moved onto chinese style food, then indian... and i also tried... KANGAROO! it actually does taste australiannn! =] but like beef! before pudding, myself, jenny, jess and jess all went and brought a "tower" themed cocktail which was cream based with malibu, this green stuff [bacardi?] and fruit! it all sat in layers and looked lovely!!!

after that we went up town, it was a choice between a few irish bars with the others or hit the real clubs. doesnt take a brainsurgeon to work out which one we chose! we went to a few nice enough places along darling harbour. bit of a walk and my super comfy sandals started to rub. we had a few drinks as well but most places were seriously lacking on the good stuff!!!! the best place we went was a guest list only club. we joined the queue and watched people getting rejected, the manager was stood with the bouncers! but when it got to myself, jess, jess and jenny they let us straight in... i think they realised we were english! (Y) or maybe it was the seriosuly low cut tops!? but anyhow it was amasing!

The next day was the shopping day at darling harbour! i brought some inetresting things in the shops and paddys market we brought more when we realised it was 10x cheaper!!!! and we had fun trying to navigate the city!! no alcohol tonight because of the bridgeclime, so we stayed in like boring people and.. slept AGAIN!!

An early morning for the jewish museam. when we got there it didnt look speciall tbh! an old building and i wasnt expecting much but inside was amasing, 7 floors of jewish history [+ it was done in a way that wasnt boring.. lots of pictures and not much reading] our tour guide was hilarioussss.. this crazy jewish lady that walked like she should be clicking her fingers and singing "all that jazz" she even had the deep voice... anyway! it was really touching. especiailly the lady who told us her story of how she lost her family during the holocaust... it was heartbreaking she was so sweet!

after the museaum we bussed to the big harbour and attempted to have our photo taken outside the opera house... fail. some energy saving group were having a dance display, it may have been a flashmob. but anyhow.. about 500 people in blue shirts and green hard hats all in postion to dance on the steps [not an exageration] with film crew and reporters... and then 50 small pommies in burgundy shirts and oz hats attempting to have a photo taken. it was HILARIOUS! we ended up being shoved off... we watched the dance and then after the dance with the crowd still there we were hereded back into center stage. i think the audience half thought we were part of it and we were going to start dancing. but we didnt.... well... not all of us anyway [sheepish face]

then the bridge climb! WOW that was amasing! really really really amasing! a very nice instructor [wink wink] and very flattering suits we were kitted out into everything imaginable.... suits, gloves, hats, harnasses, big bundles attacked to out lower back which our instructor teased me with and said they were parachutes...[gullible much]... we looked like superhearos... and that lead to me singing the theme tune to ghost busters constantly...and i found out im not scared of heights...! we were harnessed all the way round which was great! the oz guys were split into 3 groups and we were all on different part of the bridge at different times singing the chants and calling to each other our "coo'ee" which isnt an old english "cooee" like the queen would say... but more koooooo E! REALLY loud! [i was pretty good at this] we had photos taken and i had fun decending as jess f in front of me would desend slowly and then move onto the next ladder.. i pretty much slid/ jumped down and was on the platform before she had got onto the second ladder! crazy but fun. i also found great fun in jumping on the "catwalk" which was a huge mesh strip we walked across on which you could see down to the road on... but the peopel clinging for life didnt find it that funny.. [trust me it was hilarious] the view was amasing!!!! abosultly breath taking... just like the revolving tower one... it is one pretty city!!!!

oh and i also found out people dont like songs such as
"iiiii keeeep ooonnn fallliiin" [in and out of love with you]- but i only sang the first bit
"london bridge is falling down"
"at a place called vertigo"
and other falling/ height related songs.. when your 6 seconds freefall from the ground- BEST fact of the day

after the bridge climb we had to make our own way back for pizza.../ YES taxii! lol. at the YHA it was make your own pizzas! hugggee pizza bases and you chose your toppings from a selection. me and jess learntt that...: a)chillis are hot, b) chilli powder is hot c)jess is hilariosu when her mouth is burning. we put way to much hot stuff on our pizzas and were pretty much breathing fire... i cant describe it.. we were sucking cans and drinkign so much waterrr!! it was hilarous. and now jess had a phobia of chills. so naturally i place them on her regularly...!
funny phrase of the evening: do you want me to blow on your lips.... no was my answer! [well and a few more words]

the next day was bondi beach!!! we got the train and a bus down there!!!! and played spot the lifeguard for abit! one waved at me :P [after i waved first- but only cause he was famous.... if youve been watching bondi beach rescue its the one with highlighlights i dont know his name!] we then went in the sea for a paddle (Y) and it was very nice but quite cold :P.. then we had ice creammmmm! bus back straight to circular quay where we ate chips and fed them to pigeoons who attacked us!

the oz jet!!!!!!!! was amasing. chopping stopping and spinning! really would reccomed it! i didnt even hold on!!! even though tthe rest of them were and screaming! it was sooo much fun!!! i asked how fast and the man said 80... but over here 80 is km not miles =[ but still it was amasing!!!! i love speed boats!

we then drifted back and began getting ready... when i relasied i had nothing to wearrr! :O so.. me and jess fan made a quick shopping trip to "cotton on" an amasingly cheap amasing clothes shop were i brought a gorgeous dress and made it back in time to get ready and hit the harbour with the others and board the ship!

the food was okay, another sydney themed cocktail really made it! and best part was this lady swing singer! we were sat were we couldnt see her and she sounded alot like [insertnamehere-mindsblank] who is a famous black swing singer, but shes was white. [this shocked me] she was even playing the amasing sax solos herself with some odd dude in the background doing keyboard. the music was amasing and although it took me to long to persuade my friends to come and dance it was amasing!!!!!!! best part of the evening personaly. though there was some sweetners for the tea and coffee and when i blew it it looked like smoke... and EVERYONE just assumed i had set fire to something! me? would i do that????

after the meal we headed back to spend our last night with the others... but most of the groups had gone to bed! crazy!!! on there last night!!! so we went to one irish bar and met up with our leaders ray and trish who brought us each a drink.. and wouldnt let us buy one for them! =[ and then we headed to a different one with a nightclub down the bottom. apart from a crazy guy who followed me... and the fact the nightclub was full of underage kids and strangely resembled a bad icebreaker, upstairs altenated good music and a live band playign good music. i made friends with a nice little gay guy =] and me him and the girls spent the night dancing in a tight circle to ward of the creeps who were trying to dance with us. :P

we got in 3.30ish maybe? thats more my time lol! was a greattt nighttt!!!!!

anddd the perfect way to end the oz experience...
we had to waight in the YHA with our baggage.. so we sat playing poker and i must say it as doing pretty well.. until it was just me and jenny left! we also learned that jess f cheats on card games :P but we love her for it....!

sydney was great! and im writting about cairnes tomorrow! maybe...! (Y)

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Melbourne conservation work!

Been a while!

Conservation work was amasing. we were picked up from the YHA monday morning, split into two groups [luckily i coouldnt have asked for a better group] and our group were sent of in a van called a troopie straight to our conservatiopn work. the troopie which was basically an army vehicle!? i couldnt describe it any other way... a jeep with two facing benches in the back packed with first aid kits, hi-vis jackets and most importantly FOOD!

we arrived at a place called the island. and started of by going for a walk down a nature trail. in some places it was steep and hard work but it was our first taste of the aussie outback and our first sighting of a wallaby! =D we were soo excited! we then went back to the site that was to be our base sight for the next three days. our leader marcus was lovely! actually sound! we had some lunch which involved making sandwhiches in the cold for 10 people!!!! we had to actually butter the bread and add the filling, otherwise the sandwhiches would have been soggy had we done it early. anyhow we soon learnt none of us would be up early enough to make sandwhiches anyway!

we spent the rest of the day in big shipping containers making tree guards... two bamboo sticks through a cardboard tube pretty much! we made our own production line and had poppers, stickers and stackers. as you can tell the cold was really getting to us.... and we were wearing everything we owned.

we went to the place we were staying after all this. it was dark by the time we got there, we had to take our bags out of the trailer attached to the troopie and settle into our rooms. the rooms were freezing, we were freezing.

we sat infront of a large fire, but it just wasnt warm enough... and after a long wander trying to find heat... and compleatly rejecting the idea of showering we just pretty much fell asleep in our sleeping bags, clothes and blankets and we hadnt even had tea yet. so we had to then drag ourselves out of bed for food. =] but hey sausages, burgers and bread tastes pretty good when your starving!!!!

at this point we were not looking forward to the rest of the week. it was bitter cold!!!

the rest of the week however got better, heating was switched on. and i had overprepared for the cold night and ended up peeling of layers trying to get cool enough. it was too hot to lay in my sleeping bag but too cold not to :P so i spent the rest of the night switching between too hot and too cold... aswell as flicking of imaginary spiders...
with the sleepless nights i had that night and the rest of the week i became an expert at waking up at 8:30 for a breakfast that started at 8:30!

second day conservation we learnt how to plant baby trees. i started out by laying out the tree guards to show the diggers wear to dig... we werent planting trees on ordinary ground.... it was a steep hill... incredibly high and steep and crazy... we had 1 break mid morning and a lunch break similar to the one previously. after two days of that though by wednesday we had managed to plant over 1000 trees. we had seen heards of kangaroos. and a kite bird eagle thingy swooped down near me... aparantly it was scary but i didnt see it.

i also saw a spider!!! but it wasnt scary... it was big and spidery but i wasnt scared. i think its only english spiders im scared of... aussie spiders just lay there sunbathing.. whereas english ones creep up on you and jump out and chase you!!!!

the nights became warmer and more enjoyable!!!! =] though i still had trouble sleeping. felt the strain of misisng home and family and friends on the tuesday night a bit, but it sorted out!!! also the fact that we had made a stop at the supermarket and i had stocked up of fizzy drinks, chocolate and more chocolate helped!!!! endorphins!

thursday we started consevratiion with a girl called kate who was lovely... although again we were planting trees. but we didnt do it for long as our super expierience meant we ran out of tree guards and the lovely aussie bloke [who was incredible dim] drove of for hours and then returned without them. so we took photos and slept in the warm sun on haybailes! the envirionement i should mention was unusual aswell.. the tree guards were made out of plastic?!!?! and there was hay and plastic mesh everywhere? it helps trees grow?! i find talking to them helpes more!! wednesday night we went to the chocolate factory= YUM... and the natural springs= notsoYUM! :P but it was a good day and most imporatantly... WE WON THE QUIZZ IN THE EVENING... our team called team A. vs the other team called the Skip-pies! and i answered the winning question about a cartoon charactor from australia...! TAZMANIA! ohh yeah! [ actaully i think the quizz was on wednesday but you get the picture]

friday was the bestttt!... spent the day fixing up trails and walks. and went on a hugee walk in this natural park with waterfalls and amsing trees it was hard work but brilliant! and something i want to do more of! in the evening we had a meal at a shabby dirty cafe but the food was amasing... but that may have been cause were hungry.. and we spent the nighttt in a bar socialising with locals!!!! =] dancing to michael jackson and drinking local drinks... me and jess had a shot called a cowboy [well theres more to the name but il tell you later]

internet times running out now! il update on sydney laterrr!

loves! xxxxxxxxx

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Melbourne! YHA

Few Days

We have been having quite abit of free time which is nice.. and trying to negotiate the large city of melbourne by tram... which has proved very difficult! =] but we managed. eveyones walking around with big maps which scream "Tourists" coupled with our awfull attempts at crossing there complicated road netowrk system which you need a degree for is probably why all the australian people call us pommes. and not in a good way either!!!

Jess Fans birthday! Was good! We went up the Rialto tower observation deck which was gorgeous! I saw the back straight from the f1 and had lots of fun! the view is incredible. melbourne is a very pretty city... it doesnt look typically australian but it is lovely!!! I brought a new camera just before hand so i was able to take photos up there!!!, After the tower and its amasing view and 55 story elevator we went on an alcohol search... it was such a hassel! No where in the town center sells it... eventually we found a small place, they asked for all our ids... had to unlcok it to get it out of a cabnet and wrapped it up in a brown paper bag, which i then put in my backpack... so should anyone have looked into my bag a small sized personal bottle of vodka wrapped up in a brown bag would have made me look like an alcoholic!!!!!

The night of Jesis birthday we went out!!! Explored the streets of Melbourne and I stroked a possum! It was just like a cat... but it climbed trees! It was really friendly and came over to say hi!! The night was okay although we didnt drink much, aussie drinks are so expensive and the men are so creepy!!!! So it would have been stupid to have wasted all our money drinking and not be in control, I had 2 maybe 3 drinks.. as well as abit of vodka much earlier to celebrate..! So we were all sober.. yet hungry enough by the end of it to find our way into a kebab shop and into a taxi. WHich btw was a very cheep taxi

The day after we went on the neightbours tour... i didnt really watch it so i didnt notcie anything! I had a photo taken by harolds shop... for obvious reasons! lol... and we explored the set.. some girls in our group are major fans, there lovely but were creeping through peoples gardens like stalkers it was hilarouis! Im glad they enjhoyed it though. Evn i did! I loved seing the set, and this really old ancient theatre which was beautifull wehre a celebrity met us after. but i cant remebr her name. but she was old yet thin!

That night i met up with sam and chris and sams partner gino? lol! Had an awsomeee time! They took me to a gorogeous all you can eat reasturant and it was rgeat to see them! The resturant was in the crown casino adn everything was stunning. there just as i remember them apart from chris who assures me hes not into actionman anymore :P but they were sooo lovely and meeting then was deffo the highlight of my trip so far!

i also got to speak to mum and max on webcam which was lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! and great to see them!!!!!

anyway! converservation starts now! better go my room mates are nagging me! :P lol hmm i may be slightly to laid back!

missing everyone!

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>>> posted 2 blogs today read down to see about singapore


The Melbourne YHA is lovely... the rooms are clean and there is a big social area for us all!
pretty much as soon as we got there we had to wander down town to find a ball pump to pump us jessica and hannahs rugby balls they had borught for teh hospital visit.... we met a really nice guy in a bike shop who was friendly and sorted it free!

The hospital was sad, yet stunning! so many colours.. it looked more like a fairground than anything!!!! =D
Big rooms where paid people are dressed up as Spacemen and playing with the kids.. the tour was short but sweet... we didnt get to see to much of the kids. but we spoke to a little girl called jess who was stating her chemo... and i gave the toy bus to a little boy who was with his dad =]

Back at the YHA we sorted out rooms, and did some washing... it started to hit me abit then about how much i misseed everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the fact i am on teh other side of the world = CRAZY! lol

it rained, so we spent teh afternoon chilling and playing poker.. i think were going to grab some food at about 6ish... =D so i will probably leave now before my internet runs out and update you all soon!

i am now going to try and get hold of australia sam again!

LOVE YOU ALL! missing you all so so so so so muchhh!

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=] HOT

sunny 50 °C

Singapore is hot. I felt like i was going to melt....! the food made everything stink bad... actually it may be the people!

the plane journey was pretty cool! went on teh new airbus it was awsomeeeeeeeee. amasing itv/video/gamesystem!!!!! sat with jess and jenny! food was actually rpetty gooodddd aswelll!!!! it even thundered whilst we were on the plane =]

Singpore, is such a pretty place, very hot and had a mini rainstorm... we were allll sooo tiered... but since we arrived there early morning we had a whole day to hold ourselves awake for.... the hotel rooms wernt ready so we went for a "wander" around singapore. ended up visiting a refurbished temple and eating at the foodpoisioning captial of the world! ;) its been so much fun.. from the monk that attempted to scam us. to the chinese people that stare at us so badly!!! :O we went to little china town, except it wasnt a regular one, it was full of rubbish plastic chinese rubbish!

we eneded up in mcdonalds cause it was soo hot! OREO mcflurry and the LARGEST coke i have ever seen in my life (Y)....

then back to the hotel to check in, went swimming in the pool... met up the rest of the group for our first propper group meeting... then some of the girls in the skippies went out for a meal where they gave uys our coke for free.... and i saw a lambourghini!!! (Y)

.... early night (9.15 bed!)..... late morning when i realised that despite setting my alarm for 6:30, my phone was still on english timeeee! so half 7 me and jenny have to rush to breakfast which we should have been at by then, then back on up to pack our bags.... and the bus tour!

not much i can say about that.,.. again,.. open top very hot! went on a "frog" boat was awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. it could go on land and waterrrr (Y) then we had a tour of singapore by open top bus.... and back to the bus base to look around the mini rainforest and up to a resturant called sargent peppers... was reallllyyy nice! ;)

then... with 5mins to go we decided it was our last chance to order the infamous singapore sling cocktaill.. so we quickly ordered and drank one (y) then paid and legged it.. giggling and hyper from the combination of alcohol, ice cream and fooood! =]

then back to the hotel... where 50 ozkids, and 4 leaders attempted to get changed, and pack there bag for the plane journey to melbourne....

exhausted i fell asleep on the airconditioned bus drapped across to chairs.....

airport.. well it was an airport, had chinese fooooood to eat, was lovely! ;) and we sat, and talked and made friends with chinese people...

... but we made better friends on board the plane when we were sat behind 3 aussies... =] who were really nice and (Y) was exciting to meet real australians....

NOTE TO REECE AND MAX: the plane games system had pokemon gold, silver and yellow!!!! and loads of oldschool ninetndo games!!!

....When the plane touched down in melbourne, i can honestly say it was the prettyest city! gorgeous stunning, sparkling... pitch black.. which quickly faded to dawn and a sweet bluey grey sky that lit up the streets of melbourne!!!

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Hours to go


Today... Im leaving.
Cant get my head round it, really really cant! I said i wouldnt sleep but i may try in a bit, im not nervous... but i am exciteddddd! =]

Im leaving behind the most amasing family... all of them, the most amasing friends who do amasing things for me and really care for me and the most amasing boyfriend who, i cant even begin to explain on here to him how amasing he is. i couldnt ask for more really..... i may try and sleep now... im excited about oz... but also i will be sleeping with a smile on my face becauseof the people who are happy for me and the chance i have... the ones who send me lovely messages on facebook and texts ;) and my family who care so much about me and worry and help me with whatever i need.

i must have done something right.... what i have in my life is waht most people aim to find throughout life... if i can have achieved this so early... then australia should be a breeze.... i lov you guys!

i can handle this... [but first i need sleep]

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5 Days To Go!


Wow Thats Insane! 5 Days To Go!!!

Im Starting To See People Now For The "Last Time" =] Its So Saddd!!! =[
Such A Hectic Few Days Aswell!!!!

The Suprise Tomorrow!
Racing Sat and Sunday!
... Last Day Monday! Last Chance To Shop And See People!!!

Its Crazyyy! Im Just Going To Photograph Everything Humanly Possibleee! Of My Friends Etc Etc!
I Just Want Australia To Comee... But At The Same Time Need More Time To Be With Friends!

Started Packing My Hand Luggage And Baggage! =] Feels So Real... The Next Time I Open It I Will Be In Singapore!!!!!!!! [well tecnically it will be tomorrow after we get a bigger case ;)]

Went to spoonies with a few of the TJF girls! Was great fun! =] So excited noww!

I cant think of anything else to write! so im off too watch the mentalist!



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15days to go now....

pre-australia late night thoughts!

sunny 12 °C

Its 15days to go now, the days are just ticking themselves off.... 15days ago i started this blog and now look where i am... in that small space of time... so much has happened. I cant honestly say any of it was bad tbh! =] The times gone so quick...

Im really excited about australia now! Jess had her birthday and we spoke alot about it, I know were going to have a great time =] I finished all my exams today....! So now... i have weeks of partys ahead of me... i dont know how imgoing to manage them before i leave you all!!!!

Im going to miss you all too! My family especially, ive never been this far away or for this long ever in my life... its going to be wiered!!! I need you guys! Your amasing I dont know what Im going to do without any of you! Im going to miss everyone really and of course my lovely boyfriend Matthew Im going to miss him way way way to much!!!!!! Im going to miss my Rhs girlies ... the former black chairs girls... man! australia aside... Im going to miss the past 2 years... i really took it for granted.. never again am i going to wander to where you guys are... bacon roll in hand and some kind of note from a teacher telling me to get my act into gear!It was security... no matter what there was always a smiling face there to greet me at morning, break lunch and all those wonderfull frees. I suppose thats one chapter of my life finished now... untouchable aswell cause nothing can change those memories now. ever! Im going to miss my chats with the lads from racing! the jokes and the teasing we have... you guys make the sport half of what it is.. your brilliant! i cant fault youuu!! Also to my general people who dont go RHS or karting.. Aimee, Sam... Im going to miss you guys aswell sooo much.

Theres so many horror stories about australia, i try to forget and not read about them! but i know there out there! Same as any country I suppose!... But theres also so many happy stories!!!!! peopel having great holidays and the trip of a life time! Health and safetys so tight these days anyway. wel be fine!

It will be over before i know it...and in less than 15days Il probably be getting ready to sleep for a few hours before leaving to get to the coventry drop off point!

Im so used to it being so far away.. and now its finally come!!! Not saying that australias getting closer but i mean the times been so far away! Its soon, so soon i can taste it. Im looking forward to the responsibility the most. Its me, showing what i can do. I have to manage my money, my safety and my possetions.... If im ill, i decide on medicine.. things like that that. Im not on my own, i have brilliant friends.. and everyone else seems really nice so im sure il make new friends!!! but largely i have to be the adult.. sudennly go from high school girl who kidnapps teachers and students, glues a cup to her head and eats to much jelly and enegery drinks than humanly possible...im by no means gradually maturing! Its like indian swimming lessons. Being thrown in the deep end! I can do it, I know that im good in situations where Im in the deep end. I need this... last year was rough this year... couldnt be more perfect if i tried! =]

i dont feel scared of being upset or lonely out there, anyone can feel lonely... and things will never be as bad as they have been in the past. its impossible!!! im going to go to australia and competly rock it! im going to make an impact and really do everything i can to make others happy out there! sure il get homesick.. i love england and the people in it... =] but its an adventure... and me and jessica are pros at adventures... weve been having them since we started school. If we can spy and follow kidnappers and wiches, creep into murderers gardens and rollerskate down such big hills... we can handle australia! thing is.. can australia handle us?

time will keep going... it will stay at the same pace right throuh these next 15 days.. right through australia.... and carry on ticking... it wont stop for me to take a photo or wait whilst i have 5 more minuets in bed. this is my time to have the time of my life! thats exactly what i plan on doing with it!

bed now! =] spending the day tomorrow with friends... couldnt think of a better way to do so! time may keep ticking but im not going to waste a second of it!!! =]

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The Trip Im Going On

..In 30days

sunny 22 °C

Im Starting This Blog, Because Emailing Everyone Will Probably Be Difficult When I Get There, *Australia*

1 Month To Go.... Seriously. Before I Go I Have 6 Exams, Several Partys And All The Preperation To Do. . . a MONTH... it will go so quickly.

I Need To Shop, Buy Cheap Clothes I Can Wear For Conservation Work And Then Throw Away...??!? (But They have to be nice so i look semi decent in photos)

oh and get over my fear of spiders, crocodiles and sitting still in one place for a long time!!!

Help! Its Going To Be Crazy, And Challengine And Im Going To Love It!!!!!

I Will Explain The Trip!...

30th June: At Crazytime 4.45Am... We meet somewhere in cov, to say goodbye to family =[ and board a coach down to heathrow Airport, the flight to Singapore leaves at 11:55am...

1st July: Get To Singapore For 7.45 And Travel to the Robertson Quay hotel, spend the rest of the day sightseeing!

2nd July: Sightseeing & Airplane to Melbourne

3rd July: Arrice In Melbourne and Go To Royal CHildrens Hospital To Spend Time With The Children On The Oncology Ward

4th July: Rialto Tower Observation Desk And Vision Theatre

5th July: Neighbours Tour

6th July-10th July: Conservation Work

11th July: Fly To Sydney

12th July: Darling Harbour

13th July: Jewish Museum Visit & Bridge Climb

14th July: Bondi Beach & Oz Jet Ride And Final Meal

15th July: End Of TJF Oz Expierience, Say Goodbye To Friends We've Made... and set of to Cairnes with Jessica Vaughan, Jenny Schulpher And Jessica Fan

Return Home On The 25th!!!!

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