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Aiport.... from melbourne. arrived in sydney! =]

Its gorgeous! So lovelyyy!! We went straight to the Sydney YHA which is 5star! The hostel is amasingg! =] we had a little bit of time to get ready then we all headed down to the revolving resturant.... i wasnt expecting alot because internet reviews wernt great but....

it wass amasing!!!!!!!!!!! we got a window seat and could see out all across sydney! we had a "friendly" waiter ;P and the food was gorgeous. i started with seafood, oysters, calamari, battered white fish, prawns etc etc, and then moved onto chinese style food, then indian... and i also tried... KANGAROO! it actually does taste australiannn! =] but like beef! before pudding, myself, jenny, jess and jess all went and brought a "tower" themed cocktail which was cream based with malibu, this green stuff [bacardi?] and fruit! it all sat in layers and looked lovely!!!

after that we went up town, it was a choice between a few irish bars with the others or hit the real clubs. doesnt take a brainsurgeon to work out which one we chose! we went to a few nice enough places along darling harbour. bit of a walk and my super comfy sandals started to rub. we had a few drinks as well but most places were seriously lacking on the good stuff!!!! the best place we went was a guest list only club. we joined the queue and watched people getting rejected, the manager was stood with the bouncers! but when it got to myself, jess, jess and jenny they let us straight in... i think they realised we were english! (Y) or maybe it was the seriosuly low cut tops!? but anyhow it was amasing!

The next day was the shopping day at darling harbour! i brought some inetresting things in the shops and paddys market we brought more when we realised it was 10x cheaper!!!! and we had fun trying to navigate the city!! no alcohol tonight because of the bridgeclime, so we stayed in like boring people and.. slept AGAIN!!

An early morning for the jewish museam. when we got there it didnt look speciall tbh! an old building and i wasnt expecting much but inside was amasing, 7 floors of jewish history [+ it was done in a way that wasnt boring.. lots of pictures and not much reading] our tour guide was hilarioussss.. this crazy jewish lady that walked like she should be clicking her fingers and singing "all that jazz" she even had the deep voice... anyway! it was really touching. especiailly the lady who told us her story of how she lost her family during the holocaust... it was heartbreaking she was so sweet!

after the museaum we bussed to the big harbour and attempted to have our photo taken outside the opera house... fail. some energy saving group were having a dance display, it may have been a flashmob. but anyhow.. about 500 people in blue shirts and green hard hats all in postion to dance on the steps [not an exageration] with film crew and reporters... and then 50 small pommies in burgundy shirts and oz hats attempting to have a photo taken. it was HILARIOUS! we ended up being shoved off... we watched the dance and then after the dance with the crowd still there we were hereded back into center stage. i think the audience half thought we were part of it and we were going to start dancing. but we didnt.... well... not all of us anyway [sheepish face]

then the bridge climb! WOW that was amasing! really really really amasing! a very nice instructor [wink wink] and very flattering suits we were kitted out into everything imaginable.... suits, gloves, hats, harnasses, big bundles attacked to out lower back which our instructor teased me with and said they were parachutes...[gullible much]... we looked like superhearos... and that lead to me singing the theme tune to ghost busters constantly...and i found out im not scared of heights...! we were harnessed all the way round which was great! the oz guys were split into 3 groups and we were all on different part of the bridge at different times singing the chants and calling to each other our "coo'ee" which isnt an old english "cooee" like the queen would say... but more koooooo E! REALLY loud! [i was pretty good at this] we had photos taken and i had fun decending as jess f in front of me would desend slowly and then move onto the next ladder.. i pretty much slid/ jumped down and was on the platform before she had got onto the second ladder! crazy but fun. i also found great fun in jumping on the "catwalk" which was a huge mesh strip we walked across on which you could see down to the road on... but the peopel clinging for life didnt find it that funny.. [trust me it was hilarious] the view was amasing!!!! abosultly breath taking... just like the revolving tower one... it is one pretty city!!!!

oh and i also found out people dont like songs such as
"iiiii keeeep ooonnn fallliiin" [in and out of love with you]- but i only sang the first bit
"london bridge is falling down"
"at a place called vertigo"
and other falling/ height related songs.. when your 6 seconds freefall from the ground- BEST fact of the day

after the bridge climb we had to make our own way back for pizza.../ YES taxii! lol. at the YHA it was make your own pizzas! hugggee pizza bases and you chose your toppings from a selection. me and jess learntt that...: a)chillis are hot, b) chilli powder is hot c)jess is hilariosu when her mouth is burning. we put way to much hot stuff on our pizzas and were pretty much breathing fire... i cant describe it.. we were sucking cans and drinkign so much waterrr!! it was hilarous. and now jess had a phobia of chills. so naturally i place them on her regularly...!
funny phrase of the evening: do you want me to blow on your lips.... no was my answer! [well and a few more words]

the next day was bondi beach!!! we got the train and a bus down there!!!! and played spot the lifeguard for abit! one waved at me :P [after i waved first- but only cause he was famous.... if youve been watching bondi beach rescue its the one with highlighlights i dont know his name!] we then went in the sea for a paddle (Y) and it was very nice but quite cold :P.. then we had ice creammmmm! bus back straight to circular quay where we ate chips and fed them to pigeoons who attacked us!

the oz jet!!!!!!!! was amasing. chopping stopping and spinning! really would reccomed it! i didnt even hold on!!! even though tthe rest of them were and screaming! it was sooo much fun!!! i asked how fast and the man said 80... but over here 80 is km not miles =[ but still it was amasing!!!! i love speed boats!

we then drifted back and began getting ready... when i relasied i had nothing to wearrr! :O so.. me and jess fan made a quick shopping trip to "cotton on" an amasingly cheap amasing clothes shop were i brought a gorgeous dress and made it back in time to get ready and hit the harbour with the others and board the ship!

the food was okay, another sydney themed cocktail really made it! and best part was this lady swing singer! we were sat were we couldnt see her and she sounded alot like [insertnamehere-mindsblank] who is a famous black swing singer, but shes was white. [this shocked me] she was even playing the amasing sax solos herself with some odd dude in the background doing keyboard. the music was amasing and although it took me to long to persuade my friends to come and dance it was amasing!!!!!!! best part of the evening personaly. though there was some sweetners for the tea and coffee and when i blew it it looked like smoke... and EVERYONE just assumed i had set fire to something! me? would i do that????

after the meal we headed back to spend our last night with the others... but most of the groups had gone to bed! crazy!!! on there last night!!! so we went to one irish bar and met up with our leaders ray and trish who brought us each a drink.. and wouldnt let us buy one for them! =[ and then we headed to a different one with a nightclub down the bottom. apart from a crazy guy who followed me... and the fact the nightclub was full of underage kids and strangely resembled a bad icebreaker, upstairs altenated good music and a live band playign good music. i made friends with a nice little gay guy =] and me him and the girls spent the night dancing in a tight circle to ward of the creeps who were trying to dance with us. :P

we got in 3.30ish maybe? thats more my time lol! was a greattt nighttt!!!!!

anddd the perfect way to end the oz experience...
we had to waight in the YHA with our baggage.. so we sat playing poker and i must say it as doing pretty well.. until it was just me and jenny left! we also learned that jess f cheats on card games :P but we love her for it....!

sydney was great! and im writting about cairnes tomorrow! maybe...! (Y)

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