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Melbourne conservation work!

Been a while!

Conservation work was amasing. we were picked up from the YHA monday morning, split into two groups [luckily i coouldnt have asked for a better group] and our group were sent of in a van called a troopie straight to our conservatiopn work. the troopie which was basically an army vehicle!? i couldnt describe it any other way... a jeep with two facing benches in the back packed with first aid kits, hi-vis jackets and most importantly FOOD!

we arrived at a place called the island. and started of by going for a walk down a nature trail. in some places it was steep and hard work but it was our first taste of the aussie outback and our first sighting of a wallaby! =D we were soo excited! we then went back to the site that was to be our base sight for the next three days. our leader marcus was lovely! actually sound! we had some lunch which involved making sandwhiches in the cold for 10 people!!!! we had to actually butter the bread and add the filling, otherwise the sandwhiches would have been soggy had we done it early. anyhow we soon learnt none of us would be up early enough to make sandwhiches anyway!

we spent the rest of the day in big shipping containers making tree guards... two bamboo sticks through a cardboard tube pretty much! we made our own production line and had poppers, stickers and stackers. as you can tell the cold was really getting to us.... and we were wearing everything we owned.

we went to the place we were staying after all this. it was dark by the time we got there, we had to take our bags out of the trailer attached to the troopie and settle into our rooms. the rooms were freezing, we were freezing.

we sat infront of a large fire, but it just wasnt warm enough... and after a long wander trying to find heat... and compleatly rejecting the idea of showering we just pretty much fell asleep in our sleeping bags, clothes and blankets and we hadnt even had tea yet. so we had to then drag ourselves out of bed for food. =] but hey sausages, burgers and bread tastes pretty good when your starving!!!!

at this point we were not looking forward to the rest of the week. it was bitter cold!!!

the rest of the week however got better, heating was switched on. and i had overprepared for the cold night and ended up peeling of layers trying to get cool enough. it was too hot to lay in my sleeping bag but too cold not to :P so i spent the rest of the night switching between too hot and too cold... aswell as flicking of imaginary spiders...
with the sleepless nights i had that night and the rest of the week i became an expert at waking up at 8:30 for a breakfast that started at 8:30!

second day conservation we learnt how to plant baby trees. i started out by laying out the tree guards to show the diggers wear to dig... we werent planting trees on ordinary ground.... it was a steep hill... incredibly high and steep and crazy... we had 1 break mid morning and a lunch break similar to the one previously. after two days of that though by wednesday we had managed to plant over 1000 trees. we had seen heards of kangaroos. and a kite bird eagle thingy swooped down near me... aparantly it was scary but i didnt see it.

i also saw a spider!!! but it wasnt scary... it was big and spidery but i wasnt scared. i think its only english spiders im scared of... aussie spiders just lay there sunbathing.. whereas english ones creep up on you and jump out and chase you!!!!

the nights became warmer and more enjoyable!!!! =] though i still had trouble sleeping. felt the strain of misisng home and family and friends on the tuesday night a bit, but it sorted out!!! also the fact that we had made a stop at the supermarket and i had stocked up of fizzy drinks, chocolate and more chocolate helped!!!! endorphins!

thursday we started consevratiion with a girl called kate who was lovely... although again we were planting trees. but we didnt do it for long as our super expierience meant we ran out of tree guards and the lovely aussie bloke [who was incredible dim] drove of for hours and then returned without them. so we took photos and slept in the warm sun on haybailes! the envirionement i should mention was unusual aswell.. the tree guards were made out of plastic?!!?! and there was hay and plastic mesh everywhere? it helps trees grow?! i find talking to them helpes more!! wednesday night we went to the chocolate factory= YUM... and the natural springs= notsoYUM! :P but it was a good day and most imporatantly... WE WON THE QUIZZ IN THE EVENING... our team called team A. vs the other team called the Skip-pies! and i answered the winning question about a cartoon charactor from australia...! TAZMANIA! ohh yeah! [ actaully i think the quizz was on wednesday but you get the picture]

friday was the bestttt!... spent the day fixing up trails and walks. and went on a hugee walk in this natural park with waterfalls and amsing trees it was hard work but brilliant! and something i want to do more of! in the evening we had a meal at a shabby dirty cafe but the food was amasing... but that may have been cause were hungry.. and we spent the nighttt in a bar socialising with locals!!!! =] dancing to michael jackson and drinking local drinks... me and jess had a shot called a cowboy [well theres more to the name but il tell you later]

internet times running out now! il update on sydney laterrr!

loves! xxxxxxxxx

Posted by hayleymk 05:52

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