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15days to go now....

pre-australia late night thoughts!

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Its 15days to go now, the days are just ticking themselves off.... 15days ago i started this blog and now look where i am... in that small space of time... so much has happened. I cant honestly say any of it was bad tbh! =] The times gone so quick...

Im really excited about australia now! Jess had her birthday and we spoke alot about it, I know were going to have a great time =] I finished all my exams today....! So now... i have weeks of partys ahead of me... i dont know how imgoing to manage them before i leave you all!!!!

Im going to miss you all too! My family especially, ive never been this far away or for this long ever in my life... its going to be wiered!!! I need you guys! Your amasing I dont know what Im going to do without any of you! Im going to miss everyone really and of course my lovely boyfriend Matthew Im going to miss him way way way to much!!!!!! Im going to miss my Rhs girlies ... the former black chairs girls... man! australia aside... Im going to miss the past 2 years... i really took it for granted.. never again am i going to wander to where you guys are... bacon roll in hand and some kind of note from a teacher telling me to get my act into gear!It was security... no matter what there was always a smiling face there to greet me at morning, break lunch and all those wonderfull frees. I suppose thats one chapter of my life finished now... untouchable aswell cause nothing can change those memories now. ever! Im going to miss my chats with the lads from racing! the jokes and the teasing we have... you guys make the sport half of what it is.. your brilliant! i cant fault youuu!! Also to my general people who dont go RHS or karting.. Aimee, Sam... Im going to miss you guys aswell sooo much.

Theres so many horror stories about australia, i try to forget and not read about them! but i know there out there! Same as any country I suppose!... But theres also so many happy stories!!!!! peopel having great holidays and the trip of a life time! Health and safetys so tight these days anyway. wel be fine!

It will be over before i know it...and in less than 15days Il probably be getting ready to sleep for a few hours before leaving to get to the coventry drop off point!

Im so used to it being so far away.. and now its finally come!!! Not saying that australias getting closer but i mean the times been so far away! Its soon, so soon i can taste it. Im looking forward to the responsibility the most. Its me, showing what i can do. I have to manage my money, my safety and my possetions.... If im ill, i decide on medicine.. things like that that. Im not on my own, i have brilliant friends.. and everyone else seems really nice so im sure il make new friends!!! but largely i have to be the adult.. sudennly go from high school girl who kidnapps teachers and students, glues a cup to her head and eats to much jelly and enegery drinks than humanly possible...im by no means gradually maturing! Its like indian swimming lessons. Being thrown in the deep end! I can do it, I know that im good in situations where Im in the deep end. I need this... last year was rough this year... couldnt be more perfect if i tried! =]

i dont feel scared of being upset or lonely out there, anyone can feel lonely... and things will never be as bad as they have been in the past. its impossible!!! im going to go to australia and competly rock it! im going to make an impact and really do everything i can to make others happy out there! sure il get homesick.. i love england and the people in it... =] but its an adventure... and me and jessica are pros at adventures... weve been having them since we started school. If we can spy and follow kidnappers and wiches, creep into murderers gardens and rollerskate down such big hills... we can handle australia! thing is.. can australia handle us?

time will keep going... it will stay at the same pace right throuh these next 15 days.. right through australia.... and carry on ticking... it wont stop for me to take a photo or wait whilst i have 5 more minuets in bed. this is my time to have the time of my life! thats exactly what i plan on doing with it!

bed now! =] spending the day tomorrow with friends... couldnt think of a better way to do so! time may keep ticking but im not going to waste a second of it!!! =]

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